TPCI elektrický komunální vůz ET City II
et city II
TPCI Univerzální elektro malotraktor Brols 1000
brols 1000
TPCI elektrický komunální vůz ET City II
about us


About us

High standard and quality of our technology

The Czech company TPC INDUSTRY CZECH REPUBLIC a.s. is a traditional player in the field of production and sales of handling and municipal equipment. The latest project is the development of a new concept of ecological vehicles of the CITY II series.  These municipal vehicles are designed for technical services of cities and municipalities. It is a universal body carrier that meets the needs of cities and their technical services.

TPCI elektrický komunální vůz ET City II


Modern and eco-friendly

Eco-friendly handling and municipal technology for the 21st century


Our battery-powered machines meet current trends and customer requirements for economical and environmentally friendly solutions.


The reliability of our machines is verified by their long-term use and appreciated by our customers.


Quiet and emission-free operation to meet the highest environmental standards.

High quality

We pride ourselves on quality of our manufacturing processes, materials and workmanship.



Production plant

  • Areál Cargo 411 21 Vrbičany

    An ecological and economical solution not only for municipal and technical services.

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