spreader attachment Helixx 11780



Spreader attachment Helixx 11780


Plastic container with a volume of 1 147 l
12 V electric drive
Spreader made of heavy-duty plastic with a diameter of 305 mm
Protective screen, top cover, vibrating device, folding spreader, brake light, work area lighting
Stainless steel frame
Digital control from the operator’s position with self-diagnostics (spread rate and width control and automatic reverse)
Longitudinally mounted auger
Spreading width up to 12.2 m
Standing weight 187 kg
Quick-release 4-point system on the vehicle load area, bolted to the load area
Loading area dimensions ( L × W ) 2 134 – 2 235 × 1 232 mm
Dimensions ( L × W × H ) 2 692 × 1 232 × 1 321 mm

ET City II Sypací nástavba Helixx 11780
ET City II Sypací nástavba Helixx 11780

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