Brols 1000

Brols 1000

Universal electric compact tractor

The ideal ecological helper for urban greenery, gardening, in the city, on the farm, or even in the forest. Small tractor for professionals and private customers.

Technical specifications

Power: 2Kw
Voltage: 48V
Capacity: 75Ah
Batteries: traction lead acid
Transmission: two speed
Dimensions: 1800/980/950mm
Operating weight: 230 kg
Maximum permissible weight: 430 kg
Price: from 125,000 CZK without VAT


Lift – electrically foldable 

Spraying and watering kit


Front coulter

Mowing and mulching

TPCI Univerzální elektro malotraktor Brols 1000
TPCI Univerzální elektro malotraktor Brols 1000

Eco-friendly handling and municipal technology for the 21st century

TPC INDUSTRY CZECH REPUBLIC a.s. is a traditional player in the field of production and sales of handling and municipal equipment.

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