battery and accumulator regeneration



Battery and accumulator regeneration

Regeneration of batteries and accumulators – traction and industrial. The patented and tested system of battery regeneration using high-frequency pulsed current is not only environmentally friendly but above all, it is friendly to the battery itself.

Extension of service life

The battery has a demonstrable increase in capacity of up to 80% of its original value.

Reduced charging time

Reduced battery charging time leads to lower electricity costs.

Proven results

The output log contains a pre- and post-regeneration capacity reading – both of which are measured after the load.

Benefits of battery regeneration

  • demonstrable results of battery regeneration (the output report includes a capacity reading before and after regeneration – both of which are measured after the load)
  • battery life is extended by up to 80%
  • low energy consumption due to regeneration
  • reduction of CO2 emissions and slowing of the recycling cycle
  • no additional investment costs

How regeneration works

  • assessment of the mechanical condition of the battery, inspection and possible repair of the battery contacts and connection terminals
  • checking the electrolyte density and measuring the voltage of each cell under load
  • the actual regeneration takes place in 5 steps:
    a) discharge, to measure the initial capacity of the battery
    b) desulfation charging
    c) regenerative charging
    d) discharge, to measure the capacity after regeneration
    e) charging to 100%
  • assessment of the regeneration result, measurement of individual cells if necessary, replacement of defective cells if necessary.

Old and new batteries

The patented and tested system of battery regeneration using high-frequency pulsed current is not only environmentally friendly, but above all, it is also kind to the battery itself. Five controlled charge and discharge cycles lead to increased capacity and extended battery life, and significantly reduce the energy consumption when recharging the battery.

We offer not only regeneration of old batteries, but also maintenance of working batteries, general service and provision of a new battery. We will pick up the battery or industrial battery at the place of operation and bring it back after maintenance.

Accumulator regeneration


Each battery gradually loses capacity over its lifetime. The loss of capacity is caused by the formation of sulphur crystals on the battery electrodes. Regeneration converts these lead sulphate crystals back into active electrode material and sulphuric acid ions.

Regeneration prolongs the life of the battery, resulting in a shorter charging time, which also ensures lower energy consumption during charging and reduces the negative environmental impact.

In our service centre we extend the life of your battery or industrial battery using a special device designed for battery regeneration. The REPLUS regenerator will give new life to your battery or backup power supply. We are able to regenerate batteries and backup power supplies up to a capacity of 1000 Ah.



Performed when:
– when the battery has insufficient capacity due to short-term intercharging
– the battery has been out of service for an extended period of time and has not been subjected to a charge cycle in the last 6 months
– the battery is in multi-shift operation
– there is a problem of full charge and the battery is overcharging

An undesirable phenomenon that occurs with a lead acid battery if it is not properly charged or is left in a discharged state for several days. This phenomenon begins with the gradual formation of lead sulfate crystals on the electrodes. As a result, the capacity of the batteries is reduced. Another negative consequence of sulphation is an increase in internal weighting.

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