sprinkler and wash rail



Sprinkler and wash rail

The wash rail mounted on the front clamping device of the carrier, which also ensures its height adjustment above the ground or in the three-point hitch of small tractors. Hydraulic reversing of the wash rail – hydraulic left or right reversing in the range of ± 30°. Mechanically, the rail can also be rotated around its longitudinal axis to change the angle of the nozzles to the road. Color according to the RAL color chart.

Specifications of ML 1600

Width: 1 850 mm
Working width in rotation: 1 600 mm
Weight: 30 kg
Swivel angle: ± 30°

ET City II Kropící a mycí lišta
ET City II Kropící a mycí lišta
ET City II Kropící a mycí lišta

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